Data Wolf


We are forever looking to the future and apply only the best tech to our products
Web Design

We create beautiful and cost effective websites. Compatible across all computers, tablets and mobiles.

IoT Connect

Connect up your things to the internet with our state of the art wifi sensors. Control your world.


By applying predictive modeling and advanced analytics, we convert your data into understanding.

We are masters of data and design. We visualise your information on interactive websites and dashboards, giving you insight to make better decisions. We help you share and grow using Data Science.


Jack Taylor
Co-Founder, Creative Director
Graphic Designer @7NewsPerth. I hunt down innovative web technologies and create interactive data visuals. WebGL, Three.js, d3.js, HTML5, Photoshop & After Effects.
Jonathan Butow
Co-Founder, Data Scientist
Data Scientist, Marine Biologist, Loves Technology, Innovation, Start-ups, Social Media and DataViz. Creator of clever algorithms.